We put the GUTS in Gutters!

Top Dog Siding, offers seamless aluminum gutters that will add beauty and water-protection to any home. Custom designed to your home or building, seamless gutter systems are helpful in the protection of your home. They don’t rust, are available in popular colors, and can be shaped quite easily. Aluminum rain gutters have been around for 30+ years.


Fabricated on-site, seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts from Top Dog Siding are custom measured, cut and formed for a seamless fit. Unlike per-fabricated standard gutters, our gutters help eliminate the leaking and staining found with seamed gutters.

Seamless aluminum gutters gutters are ideal for homes that do not have an abundance of trees nearby. However, if your home does have trees nearby and is prone to leaves and debris on your roof, consider our Top Dog Gutter Protection System. Or, if your home is calling for something more high-end, consider our copper gutters.

No matter what type of gutters you choose for your home – seamless aluminum gutters, No Worry Gutters, or copper gutters, Top Dog Siding’s gutter installers will ensure that the job is done right.


Gutter Colors

Our seamless aluminum gutters and our Gutter Protection Systems both come in a wide range of colors to match the siding and trim on your home. With our Gutter Protection Systems, you have the option of matching the gutter cover to your roof color, and the gutter trough to your trim/siding color for a seamless look.


Related Services

Top Dog Gutter Protection System
Our Gutter Protection System is a maintenance-free gutter system that uses a unique design that tucks under the drip edge of your existing roof, causing the speed of water flow to slow — similar to a water ‘speed bump’. The Top Dog Gutter Protection System aluminum hood forms a molecular bond with the water, directing water, but not debris, into the gutter. Finally, the Water Brake system inside of the gutter forces the bonded water to break free of the hood and flow directly into the center of the trough, and ultimately into the large 3″x4″ downspouts for maximum water flow.

The Top Dog Gutter Protection System uses a heavy duty, non-clogging, 3/4″ fascia-mounted, flush nose system with a “K” style gutter. Top Dog Gutter Protection Systems are not add-on covers or screens. It is a single, seamless, clog-free aluminum gutter system that catches and directs the flow of water as it diverts debris.


If you’d like to speak with an Tog Dog Siding representative about our Gutter Protection Systems call 919-868-7733, or click here to contact us online.