Gutters & Gutter Protection Questions

  • Why are gutters important?

    There’s not much glamour in gutter protection systems, but according to experts, a properly installed gutter protection system can protect your home from serious damage year-round. Every serious home owner should know that old, damaged or defective gutters have the potential to cause damage to your home.

    When gutters clog and the water is not diverted properly, it will overflow into either the house or the foundation. This can cause wood rot, foundation problems, ice damming, and landscaping erosion. Damages associated with clogged gutters are many, however, this fall you can avoid a great deal of expenses and unwanted hassles by installing a gutter protection system.
    Gutter protection systems help keep basements and crawlspaces dry, protect siding and windows from harmful backsplash, and prevent staining and rotting the walls of your house. In addition to causing damage to your home, gutters clogged with soggy leaves and debris are also the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, as well as mosquitoes and other pests who are known disease carriers.
    So while they may not be flashy, gutters are an important feature of the home, which require a balance of practicality and aesthetics.

  • What are some reasons to replace my gutters?
    • Clogged or leaky gutters are one of the biggest causes of basement leaks, mold and other foundation problems. Also, standing water in gutters is one of the common places mosquitoes breed – mosquitoes are known disease carriers.
    • Old worn out gutters look ugly and reduce the value of your property.
    • Your old gutters may have become bent or dented or may be pulling away from your property in a manner that they cannot just be reattached or reworked.
    • Your old seamed gutters may have begun to pull apart or have drippy leaks and you would like to replace them.
    • You want to change the color of your gutters.
    • The drainage of your current guttering is not sufficient so you want to install a larger size gutter and downspout system. Most homes and commercial properties have 5 inch gutters with 2×3 downspouts, but we can install 6 inch gutters with 3×4 downspouts when necessary.
    • According to experts, gutter cleaning for an average sized home containing 150 feet of gutters costs approximately $75, and should be cleaned twice a year. Over a 30 year period, the total cost would be $4500. By comparison, a lifetime lasting gutter protection system, at the price of $15 per foot, would only cost $2250 for the average sized home. This makes gutter cleaning twice as costly as having a covered gutter protection system installed. And this calculation doesn’t even count the cost of damage to a home that can be caused by sub-standard gutters.
  • How can I tell if my gutters aren’t draining properly?

    If during a rainfall, you can hear the water slapping the ground, pouring over the sides of the gutter, there may be a blockage or the gutter itself may not be aligned evenly. If you notice paint peeling or corroded wood that means the gutter is most likely clogged and is causing the water to overflow and run down the back of gutter along the exterior walls of the house. If you notice mold or if you see puddles of water forming around the outside of your house it’s a sure sign that there are drainage problems.

  • What are the different types of gutters available?

    All gutters are either sectional or seamless. They come in various materials, sizes and colors. See the “How to Select a Gutter System” section for more details.

  • Do gutters come in various shapes and sizes?

    Yes. Most gutters come in several shapes and sizes called profiles. These include U-shape as well as K-shape configurations. In K-shape configurations the ogee-shaped front looks like the letter K allowing the system to have more of a crown molding look rather than a boxy appearance. See the “How to Select a Gutter System” section for more details.

  • Why should I replace my gutters if there is nothing wrong with them? Isn’t it easier and cheaper to just cover them up to prevent them from clogging?

    Your conventional gutter was designed to be cleaned regularly. Even the best add-on gutter covers often compromise the integrity of the roof. At best they allow longer periods between cleanings, and when cleaning is necessary, they must often be uninstalled to give access to the trough. In the long run, your best bet is to go with a covered gutter protection system, which is designed to be maintenance-free. That way – you will never have to clean or replace your gutters again!

  • Can I install gutters on my own?

    Certainly, if you are a regular Mr. do-it-yourself and are comfortable on a ladder, you can put up sectional gutters but you’ll need a qualified professional to install the seamless gutter protection system.

  • What does “Limited Lifetime Warranty” mean?

    Limited Lifetime Warranty means that your product will be free of defects for the life of the product. This does not mean the product will last your lifetime. In other words, if you move or sell your house, the gutter warranty will no longer be applicable to the new home owners.

  • I have more questions!

    No problem. To get a chance to ask the tough questions of a highly qualified expert in your area just pick up the phone and call 919-868-7733. Take charge and protect your home starting now!


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